Farm Tours

Our all natural goat cheese is from our own goats living on our farm.  We do not sell our milk.

Plain: A Little salt and that is all

French: your taste buds will play musical chairs on garlic, rosemary, thyme with lavender. Great on baked potato

Honey: A sweet treat, fresh cheese blended with pure local honey straight from a beekeeper.

Rio Grande: The Chipotle pepper Is warm; you taste garlic, onion, tomatoes all before the jalapeno pepper kicks In.

Tuscan: Enjoy sun dried tomatoes, basil and garlic also known as Pizza Cheese

Pimento, Caviar of the South Sharp cheddar cheese blended with our fresh goat cheese, mayonnaise, peppadew and pimentos, Smooth and creamy.

Chipotle Pimento: Sharp Cheddar, Gouda and goat cheese blended with pimentos


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Farm tours are by appointment only.  Schools, churches and organizations are welcome.

Family Fun Day

March 31, 2019

Humble Heart Farms will be hosting another Family Fun Day / Farmers Market.     Families will be able to enjoy farm tours, cheese tasting and special food dishes.  Co-Sponsoring the event will be Red X Fitness and together we will try to break the World Record for the largest Goat Yoga Class.  Our challenge will be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.  The goal is to have 400 yoga participants.   We have local farmers bringing their products to help make this a big eventThe Family Fun Day times will be 11a-3p

The cost is free and a good smile 

Please share with friends.  

Be part of the breaking of the World Record.   Hope to see you here 

Co sponsored by CT Garvins