Farm Tours Available for Schools and Groups

  1. From Grass to the Table.  An overview of the dairy process that can be adapted for any age group.  It incorporates where the animals are milked, where they graze and an overview of the chesse making process.  
  2. Biology at the Dairy. Designed for high school students it is a closer look at the goat dairy to include inner workings of a goat, the mammary system and genetics from a farmer's perspective.   
  3. Chemistry of Cheese Making.  designed for high school students.  We get down to the molecular level of milk and cheese.  How does cow's milk and goat's milk differ and the chemical process that takes place to go from milk to cheese.  
  4. A Shepherd's Place.  Designed for all ages. We look at the role shepherds have in the Bible from Able to the shepherds in the field.  

Special Rates for larger groups

Teachers/Parents are free when accompanying more than 25 students.

Farm Tours

Farm tours are available by appointment only.  Large and small groups are welcome

Normal cost is $10 for Adults and $5 for children.  Call for pricing on large groups.