Humble Heart Farms is a family farm located in North Alabama.  We milk Saanen goats and take special care that the milk is of the highest quality.  No hormones, chemicals or herbicides are used on the farm. . 

About Our Farm

Humble Heart Farms Goat Cheese

Humble Heart Farms Goat Cheese is a product of the Tennessee River Valley.  The sun, rain, wind, grasses and feed all come together to flavor our cheese.  The "girls" come from a long line which produce excellent milk.  We carefully provide the best nutrition with grazing, a custom blending of feed and hay.  This is the secret to our fine quality chevre (fresh goat cheese).  Humble Heart Farms makes a fresh spreadable fromage in several flavors.

What We Offer

Goat Cheese
We offer fresh all natural goat cheese with no hormones, steriods or herbicides.  More than 8 different standard flavors available.


 All natural Raw cow milk cheese without the chemicals, the fillers or artificial flavors from Wrights Dairy


Humble Heart Farms Carries Wright Dairy Cheese

Wright Dairy Cheese does not come from just any milk.  It comes from snowy, rich, cream-rising-to-the-top milk. It comes from grass-fed cows leading an idyllic life that might make those happy California cows long to defect to the Deep South. All natural Raw cow milk cheese without the chemicals, the fillers or artificial flavors. The cows are grass fed and the cheese is made right here in Alabama on Wright's Dairy Farm.

Cheese from cows that are primarily grass-fed, with only supplementary grain, offers other nutritional advantages over milk from cows that are primarily grain-fed. There is more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), more Omega-3 fatty acids, more beta-carotene and other antioxidant vitamins. Wright Dairy never uses the growth hormone rBST or any other artificial means to produce more milk, even though this may mean less cheese in the summer when the cows normally give less milk.